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Sweet and Savoury Workshop

Roundtable with Nereo Ballestriero - Caffè Torinese, Palmanova

Course program

The testimony of a successful bar and practical suggestions to inspire the differentiation in the menu offer beyond coffee.


- the example of Caffè Torinese seen from behind the scenes
- the definition of the objective and the practical actions
- the composition of the menu
- the creation of recipes
- practical training to recognize the quality of the products and explain to the customers
- the importance of communication
- how to win the loyalty of consumers
- how to organize the work in a typical day
- the importance of monitoring results

Type of course: theoretical and practical

Duration: 1 day (9:30 to 16:30)

Target participants: The course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to upgrade, improve, expand their offerings, or open a new store.

Fee: € 320 + VAT 22%
Special price for illy customers: € 192 + VAT 22%

Where and when

The course is available, on demand, in French.

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com