The journey of illy coffee

Men and women have been drinking and enjoying coffee for centuries. For many people it is almost a cult. But where do these well-loved aromas, flavours and properties come from? Coffee undertakes a long and adventurous journey from a remote tropical field to reach our palate. Every stage of the trip is important, an essential link in the chain of quality.
We are going to follow the adventure illy coffee takes, step by step, from cultivation to transport that will take it all over the globe.


Production Company: Nudesignmovies
Director: Matteo Masin
Director of Photography: Nicola Picogna
Camera operator:  Marijana Brajkovic
Light&Grip: 4Frame
Set designer: Thomas Marcuzzi

Post Production
Editor: Ernesto Zanotti
Colourist: Matteo Masin
Original Music Score:
Music 1: “Beach Hut” by Adam Drake andTom Jenkins
Music 2: “Simple Times” by Sue Verran and Philip Guyler
Music 3: “Happy Inside” Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake
Music 4: “Off Beat” by Patrick Hawes
Music 5: “Back To School” by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins
Sound Design: Francesco Morisini
Graphic Designer: lloret Fernndez and Sara Paschini - acrobatik
Graphic Animator: Ernesto Zanotti

Actor 1: Stefano Giannini
Actor 2: Marino Petracco
Actor 3: Cinzia Lucà