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Coffee Expert

The most complete course for bar professionals

Course program


An opportunity to enter the world of quality coffee via a comprehensive overview of the different activities associated with the product, the service and the management of the café, from both a practical and a theoretical standpoint. A general view of the bean’s journey, from the plant in its countries of origin to its transformation in the cup.


Day 1
-History, customs and coffee transformation techniques across the world;
-Cultivation, production and trading of green coffee;
-Industrial production process of coffee.

-Characteristics peculiar to espresso coffee;
-Practical and theoretical studies on the espresso machine and the grinder-doser;
-Rules for extracting the perfect espresso, maintenance and set-up of the machine;
-Cappuccino and other coffee-based preparations.

Day 3
-Practical tests on the visual, aromatic and gustatory tactile analysis of espresso coffee;
-Techniques and ideas for achieving a perfect cappuccino.

If the course is held in Trieste, it will include a guided tour of the illycaffè plant.

Type of course: practical and theoretical

Language: English

Duration: 3 days

Target participants: 
The course is aimed at all professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to broaden their skills or seeking to enter the food and beverage sector.

Where and when

For this year, there aren't other editions of Coffee Expert. For more information, call 800 821021 or fill in the form More info.