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Espresso excellence

The secrets of espresso coffee according to illy

Course program

The essential course to learn the strenghts and weaknesses that make a perfect cup of espresso, to enhance the quality of the coffee and to offer your clients a perfect coffee, always.


-History and evolution of espresso coffee;
-Evolution and characteristics of the espresso machine and the concept of grinding;
-Rules for a perfect extraction and practice drills on grinding;
-Art and science of the espresso and the peculiarities of illy coffee;
-Tasting session highlighting the most common mistakes;
-Maintenance and cleaning the equipment.

The course can be delivered onsite or online.

Type of course: 
Onsite: theoretical and practical 
online: theoretical and practical demonstrations 

Onsite: 1 day 
Online: 2 hours

Target participants: baristas, café managers and coffe professionals.

List price: € 320 + 22% VAT  /  € 192 + 22% VAT
illy client price: € 192 + 22% VAT  /  € 115 + 22% VAT



Where and when

Microsoft Teams , Online  

Info and cost

Time: from 3pm to 5pm (course in the morning on request)

List price: € 192 + 22% VAT
illy client price: € 115 + 22% VAT


For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com