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Sales techniques

Acquiring, engaging and winning over customers

Course program

How to interpret the needs of your customers by engaging them in an experience of consumption and purchase that will increase the perceived value of the offer and the marginality of products and services.


A comparison of sellers and customers;
-How the customer has changed;
-Knowing your own offer;
-Customer focus: communication;
-Selling: phases and techniques;
-Wishes and goals;
-The needs of today;
-The challenge of any good seller;
-Practical exercises.

Type of course: theoretical

Duration: 1 day

Target participants: café managers, store managers, baristas and store assistants.

Fee: € 320 + VAT 22%
Special price for illy customers: € 192 + VAT 22%

Where and when

The course is available only in Italian.

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com