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Bar economics

Economic and financial management and business plans

Course program

To learn how to run the business from a strategic point of view, consciously assessing costs, investments, and marginality when analyzing economic performance.


-Reading the financial statements;
-Income statement and balance sheet;
-The business case financial indicators;
-A café’s budget and typical costs;
-Cost control;
-The break-even point in a Business Case café;
-From economic to quantitative objectives;
-Assessment of a café;
-Evaluating a business case.

Type of course: theoretical and practical

Duration: 2 days

Target participants: entrepreneurs, café and store managers.

Fee: € 600 + VAT 22%
Special price for illy customers: € 360 + VAT 22%


Where and when

The course is available only in Italian.

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com