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Furnishing techniques and business communication

Course program

A theoretical course to set yourself apart from the competition by paying attention to the café’s image, by communicating effectively, and above all, by presenting the products and spaces in an appealing way.   


-The relationship between form and substance;
-Customers’ needs;
-From selling products to selling services;
-The sales point’s image and identity;
-Basic rules of furnishing;
-The back counter;
-The display windows;
-Coordinated communication.

Type of course: theoretical

Duration: 1 day 

Target participants: café managers and store managers.

Fee: € 320 + VAT 22%
Special price for illy customers: € 192 + VAT 22%

Where and when

The course is available only in Italian.


For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com