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Artistic cappuccino

Latte Art: a great classic and a sight for sore eyes

Course program

Take a deeper look into the preparation techniques of cappuccino, explore the creative possibilities of Latte Art and achieve a real treat that is also a little work of art.


Fundamentals of espresso coffee;
-Understanding milk;
-Techniques of milk emulsion;
-Demonstration on how to create designs: a leaf and a heart;
-Practical exercises;
-How to use the topping;
-Other preparations.

Type of course: practical

Duration: 1 day 

Target participants: baristas and café managers.

Fee: € 320 + VAT 22%
Special price for illy customers: € 192 + VAT 22%

The course is only open to those who have already attended the Coffee Expert course or Cappuccino excellence.


Where and when

The course is available only in italian.

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com