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The people of coffee

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Throughout its life, coffee passes from hand to hand many times. This is a relay race, and coffee finds love and dedication in every link of this long human chain. It is a journey that ends and is reborn every time we enjoy a cup of coffee. This is how quality comes to life.

Those who sow and harvest coffee - the people who take care of the plant when it is still a seedling, who help it grow and become strong, always respecting the environment.
Those who select it - the people who select only the best beans.
Those who ship and transport it - the people who make sure that coffee reaches us in excellent condition.
Those who roast it - the people who transform coffee so it can achieve its wonderful aromatic spectrum.
Those who package it - the people who keep coffee protected, allowing it to travel.
Those who prepare it - the people who transform coffee into a delicious and invigorating drink.
Those who taste it - people who savour the drink and are inspired by its vibrant energy.



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Duration: 1 hour

Participants: minimum 10 -  maximum 20 

Onsite: € 390 + VAT 22%
Online: € 234 + VAT 22%

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com