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Coffee, tea and chocolate flavored dinners

For trying out new creative possibilities

Course program

Coffee, tea and chocolate become the protagonists of these three courses that teach you how to combine these ingredients in an innovative way and put these recipes to use in your own kitchen. An engaging culinary experience to intrigue and captivate clients.

Coffee dinners:
Coffee becomes the ingredient of sweet and savoury dinners.

Tea dinners:
Learn to intensify the flavours of what you're cooking using tea.

Chocolate dinners:
Use this precious ingredient not only for sweet recipes but also for delicious savoury dishes.

Where and when

The course is available only in Italian.

How can you enroll?

-By calling the toll free number 800 821 021 Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm (free from Italy only);
-by filling in the form More info.