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The aromas of coffee

An olfactory exploration

Course program

Discover why tasting an espresso is also a matter of nose. A series of olfactory experiences provide basic knowledge to learn how to recognize the individual aromas that make up the scent of coffee.

Olfactory experience 1;
Coffee context: an overview from the fields to the preparation;
Olfactory experience 2;
The 5 senses: the correlations with our perceptions;
Olfactory experience 3;
Olfaction's physiology: a close look;
Tasting: Discovering the aromas of coffee.

Every lesson includes an espresso tasting



Where and when

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: maximum 30

More information: write to unicaffe@illy.com or call +39 800 821 021 from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 17.00