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The places of coffee

An atlas of aromas

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Coffee is a citizen of the entire world, and has always been a great traveller. It learns something from every place it travels to, and takes a souvenir with it from each country it visits. We already enjoy the fruits of these magnificent journeys when we savour all its aromas and flavours.

The birth place: Coffee’s birth in Ethiopia, its journey into the Middle East, the arrival in Europe and voyages to the ends of the world.
The panoramas: the altitude, the climate and the weather. Where coffee is at its best.
The fields: the producing countries, their techniques, their traditions.
The terroirs: the places where coffee grows, the aromas we discover there.
The ports: the point of arrival, the countries that love and enjoy coffee.
The protection: packaging, seasoning, how coffee improves over time.
The temple: the coffee shop, the home of the tasting experience.

Every lesson includes an espresso tasting


Where and when

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: maximum 30

More information: write to unicaffe@illy.com or call +39 800 821 021 from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 17.00