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The colours of coffee

A biography in colour

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Discover how coffee constantly transforms, and how it passes through a thousand colours in the course of its life.

Green: The colour of the seedling, the plantations where coffee grows, its leaves.
White: The colour of a delicate flower, which only blooms when it is showered by the rains.
Red and yellow: The colour of the coffee fruit, which resembles a cherry and holds two precious beans.
Light Green: The colour of the green beans, which are collected and processed in distant tropical fields and then set out on a journey to reach us.
Dark brown: The colour of the coffee bean when it is roasted: it does not just become beautiful, it also becomes fragrant.
Brown: The colour of the crema on the surface of a perfect espresso, the guardian of a treasure-trove of aromas and flavours.
Black: The colour of mystery, an expression of the remarkable virtues that coffee shares with all who taste it.



Where and when

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: minimum 10 -  maximum 20 

Onsite: € 390 + VAT 22%
Online: € 234 + VAT 22%

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com