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A cup full of aromas

An olfactory exploration of coffee

The guide "A cup full of aromas" invites us to discover the sense of smell and the aromas of coffee

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illy coffee

64 facts to help you appreciate your coffee to the fullest

This guide gives you the chance to explore illy's coffee, revealing 64 surprising facts about every aspect of its life from bean to cup. In doing so, you'll understand it - and taste it - to the fullest

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Coffee Inspirations

70 ways to enjoy coffee

A volume dedicated to coffee and to the ideas it arouses.
70 interpretations, classic or innovative, simple or more elaborated, all starting from a cup of illy espresso coffee

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Aroma of the world

A journey in the world and universe of coffee

A true voyage in time, in pursuit of the origins of the coffee bean, but also a trip in space, to follow coffee on its journey from the tropics right up to when it is consumed, in a book by Elisabetta Illy.

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