Travelling around the world

Coffee has a long road to travel before it reaches the cups and delights the palates of millions of consumers around the world. From the plant to the flower and the fruit, and now a green bean which is setting off on its long travel across the world. Let’s discover the great transformations that happen to coffee in consuming countries. Here, it is blended, roasted and packaged, before being transformed for the last time into the drink that coffee lovers desire.

Production Company: Nudesignmovies
Director: Matteo Masin
Director of Photography: Nicola Picogna
Camera operator:  Marijana Brajkovic
Light&Grip: 4Frame
Set designer: Anna Antonutti, Ernesto Zanotti, Nikita Garelli

Post Production
Editor: Andrea Guarascio
Colourist: Matteo Masin
Original Music Score:
Music 1: “Beach Hut” by Adam Drake andTom Jenkins
Music 2: “Simple Times” by Sue Verran and Philip Guyler
Music 3: “Bring Me To Life”by Lincoln Grounds and Michael Craig
Music 4: “Off Beat” by Patrick Hawes
Music 5: “Heart Of The Country” by Terry Devine-King
Sound Design: Francesco Morisini, Havir Gergolet
Graphic Designer: Alice Luna Zanel
Graphic Animator: Ernesto Zanotti

Actor 1: Elena Zottig Pintor
Actor 2: Marino Petracco
Actor 3: Cinzia Lucà