Support Activities

Constant side-by-side training for producers and growers

The support activities for producers are a result of the joint effort set up in 2000 with Pensa, the Agribusiness Intelligence Center at Sao Paulo University.
Today the Università del Caffè in Brazil is a milestone in the training of local growers and entrepreneurs. The focus on communities in producing countries is reflected primarily in the provision of on-site training and through the partnerships set up with institutions for the creation of projects with a wide social impact. The sharing of knowledge proposed by the Università del Caffè agronomists and technicians to produce a coffee of superior quality, allows them, once they have achieved excellent results, to obtain higher than market prices.

BRAZIL: an online course of Agribusiness Management, providing students with an overview of the Brazilian Agribusiness System, its origins and its development trends.

CENTRAL AMERICA: development of educational materials to be distributed through e-learning courses in order to reach a greater number of users.

AFRICA: in Tanzania, a pilot project aims to lead the coffee growers towards quality through simple and immediate visual messages, using some of the resources to generate new know-how to be transferred to producers.

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