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Each coffee bean contains an entire world

Aromas, flavours and textures, but also rituals and traditions, the wealth of a territory, the pleasure of hospitality, the work and knowledge of many people, love for ethics and for what is beautiful. This is the world to which illy has been dedicating every effort since 1933 in order to produce the best coffee nature can offer.

The Università del Caffè was established in 1999, drawing upon the wealth of knowledge acquired through the company's long history and the desire to share it with the aim of promoting and spreading the culture of high-quality coffee.

With branches in Trieste and all over the world, the Università del Caffè is a centre of excellence open to entrepreneurs in the coffee sector, professionals in the hospitality industry and all coffee lovers; an international knowledge hub where experts from different sectors – from the scientific to the economic and cultural sector – can exchange views and work together, generate new stimuli and create a real communion of ideas with the power of a cup of coffee as a starting point.

The training and discovery courses promoted by the Università del Caffè have been designed to contribute to developing and continuously improving the coffee production process, as well as the wellbeing of the people who take care of it and who drink coffee, and to protecting the environment all along the production chain: from far-away tropical cultivations to our cities.

In order to guarantee all consumers worldwide the best possible tasting experience at all times.