A cup full of aromas

An olfactory exploration of coffee

"A cup full of aromas", is a book conceived with a didactic approach and explained in a scientific way.

Developed by a team of professionals, it is a thorough analysis of the physiological and chemical issues applied to the aromas of the coffee world.

The book is an editorial product printed in more than a thousand copies and distributed in selective channels in the world of research applied to coffee.

The contents are enriched with unpublished illustrated tables and a photographic portrait about the aromas of coffee.

Hardcover thread stitched and printed with H-UV technique Komori in total absence of ozone emissions and low ink consumption, thanks to the drying system to ultraviolet light and the cold polymerization, the book presents a cover of Curious Matter paper, Goya White pages printed on Conqueror CX22 100% Recycled Diamond White Arjowiggins Creative Papers.