Higher Education

Side-by-side and specialized training for professionals, both present and future, along the whole chain

The Higher Education courses offered by the Università del Caffè are subdivided into two main areas.
Thanks to its Support Activities, the Università helps coffee growers, producers and professionals in the field by offering additional technical and theoretical contents covered by professors and international experts and dealing with every aspect of their work.

The Università del Caffè also promotes the Master's degree in Economics and Science - Ernesto Illy, aimed at university graduates from all over the world. The objective is to provide students with academic and professional skills related to the world of coffee.
In the field of Higher Education, the Università del Caffè has concluded important partnership agreements with Master in Food and Bioresource Technologies of Management Center Innsbruck, Advanced Course of Restaurant, Bar & Sommellerie Management of ALMA. It also collaborates with University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, Master in Food & Wine of Salesian University Institute of Venice (IUSVE), MasterFood of Università di Pisa, SDA Bocconi, CUOA Business School Vicenza, Marco Polo Program Abroad in Italy and MIB Trieste.