The moka pot

The lower part (the hot water heater) and the upper part (where the coffee goes) are separated by a funnel-shaped metal filter, where the coffee grounds are placed. 

Coffee is made by percolation: when the water boils, it passes through the coffee thanks to vapor propulsion. The result is a strong taste, a balanced body, and a fairly intense aroma.

Here are some tips for brewing a good cup of coffee: pour in water to the level of the valve, fill the filter with coffee without tamping it, heat it on the lowest flame possible. 

To obtain an excellent coffee, it is necessary to cut the “tail-end” by taking the moka pot off the flame just before it starts gurgling. The coffee with the most refined aromas brews at around 60 degrees: therefore, it is the first portion to bubble up through the moka pot. Less coffee is brewed (around 20% is discarded), but it is of a much higher quality. After taking it off the flame, stir the coffee before serving in order to blend the different parts.