Transport and selection

During shipping, many precautions are taken to ensure that coffee reaches Italy in peak condition. The bags are placed in their containers in a way that minimizes any risk of mold, condensation or unwanted odors, rather than in a way that maximizes the number of bags per container. 

Upon reaching the roasting plant, further quality control tests are performed by an automated system and sophisticated machinery: robots pick up the bags, count them and place them on the conveyor belt. Once the beans have been removed from the bags, they are placed on a vibrating screen which separates any remaining foreign objects. 

An aspirator removes the smaller, lighter impurities and a magnet removes any metal. At this point, the green coffee is stored in silos. The last selection is conducted by four sophisticated bi-chromatic systems which electronically “photograph” each bean, detecting and eliminating any which do not meet strict color standards, because a single imperfect bean among the 50 in a cup is enough to spoil an espresso.