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Cappuccino excellence

The magic union between milk and coffee

Course program

Dedicated to the great italian classic, Cappuccino excellence will make you master the techniques to prepare an impeccable espresso and the secrets to obtain a perfectly textured, thick  milk cream.


-Fundamentals of espresso coffee;
-Milk and its characteristics;
-Theory of milk emulsion;
-Equipment: jugs and spouts;
-Practical training on how to prepare cappuccinos and milk emulsion.


The course can be delivered onsite or online.

Type of course: 
Onsite: theoretical and practical 
online: theoretical and practical demonstrations 

Onsite: 1 day 
Online: 2 hours 

Target participants: baristas and café managers.

List price: € 320 + 22% VAT  /  € 192 + 22% VAT
illy client price: € 192 + 22% VAT  /  € 115 + 22% VAT

Where and when

For more information please write to servizioclienti@illy.com